discovering Portonovo beach

Immediately before Mezzavalle (going north) there is the most beautiful and well known of bay of the Conero Riviera. The greenery of the Mountain is in contrast with the white pebbles of the beach. Two beach areas provided with seafood restaurant with terrace overlooking awonderful scenery, succeed to free access sections.

  • Type of Beach:
    rocks and gravel. Suitable for couples. Perfect for snorkeling, bird watching, nordic walking, trekking. Suitable for anyone who loves nature but also having of Beach establishments and restaurants by the sea.
  • Beach establishments and restaurants. Hotels. Excursions with the Forestalp.
  • By car along the Conero country road towards Portonovo, enter a road that goes down along the mountain side. Limited parking spots.
    In the case it is closed to traffic there is a shuttle bus from the car park.
  • Parking spots available on Portonovo hill with free shuttle bus from €3,00 per day, or from € 7,00 per day in the bay.



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