Protezione civile (Civil Protection)

They are called the "men in yellow". They are the operators of the civil protection/sea rescue service of the Municipality of Numana, and are operational 365 days a year. They have been working for more than a decade under the coordination of the Coast Guard and the 118 service, guaranteeing assistance and rescue along the entire Conero Riviera. Equipped with the most advanced means of transport to deal with all types of emergencies at sea, they can also count on a landing strip dedicated to helicopters and located directly on the beach near the port. If you are in difficulty, call 1530 and you will discover that angels really do exist.

"Estate Tranquilla" (Calm Summer) Project

The Municipality of Numana, which in winter has about 4000 inhabitants, is fortunately still a happy island in terms of safety, both for type and number of criminal events.

Obviously, the population of Numana increases with the arrival of the tourist season, reaching 50-60 thousand units during the peak season, and this raises the security threshold considerably.

Therefore, as every summer since 1999, Numana is preparing to strengthen its services with the arrival of the tourist season in order to guarantee the safety of all citizens and tourists. Moreover, since the summer of 2010, in order to guarantee the maximum safety at sea, the Administration has decided to increase the number of soldiers of the Coast Guard.

Estate tranquilla” enhances the presence of the police forces in the area during the summer, with a private security service operating at night, which is very important both to prevent vandalism to the detriment of the establishments and to ensure the safety of those who, on pleasant summer evenings, decide to take a night walk on the shoreline. Every day, especially for preventive purposes, beach safety is guaranteed by the daily patrols of the Municipal Police and the Coast Guard.

One of the jewels in the crown of the Numana area, the work of the local Civil Protection Corps, is also part of the "Estate tranquilla" project. In Numana the Civil Protection service has been active and well consolidated for many years and it watches over the safety of bathers and boats during the whole year, guaranteeing, during the summer months, a prompt intervention 24 hours a day. Thanks to its powerful means of transport, the non-stop emergency service is able to reach any beach in the area in a matter of minutes, from Portonovo to Porto Recanati, thus offering a protection service to a sea area that goes well beyond the municipality's own. The Civil Defence also provides emergency assistance to boats that have broken down and, another fundamental aspect of safeguarding the natural beauty of this area, to marine specimens in difficulty such as dolphins, turtles and even whales.

The aim of "Estate Tranquilla" is not only to guarantee the safety of citizens and tourists by intensifying controls and patrolling officers, but above all to work, through the study and implementation of these important preventive measures, so that the high level of legality of this area is really maintained over time, further improving the liveability and real safety, at sea and on land, without forgetting road safety.

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Numana, portale del turismo
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