Sea snails in pork roast

Bombetti, crocette, raguse: the name depends on the shape, but for sure these little sea snails in pork roast are a delicious dish of the maritime tradition of the Marche, loved by the locals and characteristic of the Conero Riviera.

The typical preparation is "in porchetta" because there is wild fennel in the sauce and they are eaten using a toothpick to extract the fruit from the shell, and then sucking the sauce from the shell.

Unmissable and classic is the final "scarpetta" (scooping up the sauce with a piece of bread)!

The most common ones are the snails of the species Nassariusmutabilis: the so called "bombetti" which have a rounded shape; the "crocette", scientific name Aporrhaispespelecani, are smaller and elongated snails which must be removed from the shell in order to allow the sauce to enter better. And finally, the ragusa, that is, the famous "Murex Brandaris" from which the people of the Mediterranean obtained the purple dye for fabrics.

If you are here on vacation do not miss the opportunity to taste this delicious traditional street food that is never missing in appetizers of the restaurants of the Riviera.

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 Sea snails in pork roast
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