Numana... fairytale!

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"Numi, the story of the little Sprite of Numana" is a story about welcome and hospitality, a journey in the pursuit of happiness set in the streets of our beloved town.

Numi is the main character of our illustrated book which is also translated into english and is available in our tourist offices.

"… From time to time he plays hide and seek on the Costarella, the long staircase that connects the port to the town, sometimes he wallows in the clear water of the Spiaggiola, other times he runs along the
tree-lined path up to the Statua del Pescatore, and, on some days, he enjoys skateboarding on the Seafront of Marcelli.In a word, the Little Sprite is always ready to share a smile in every corner of the town.
For this reason he has become the Sprite of Numanità and everyone calls him Numi."

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Numana, portale del turismo
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