Piazzetta della Torre (Tower Square) and the statue of the Fisherman

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A stroll along Via Roma leads to the Piazzetta della Torre, a large belvedere overlooking the sea. The village's maritime identity can be felt all around, in a web of narrow alleys and pastel-coloured houses with balconies full of flowers, where it is fascinating to get lost and discover unique views. In the small square, at a panoramic point overlooking the delightful "Spiaggiola", there is a bronze statue of a fisherman with a wrinkled, weather-beaten face, holding the traditional net called "sciabega" in one hand and scanning the horizon and the sea below with the other hand: the monument to the fisherman pays homage to Numana's seafaring tradition, celebrating the spirit and values of seafarers of the last century. The sculptor Johannes Genemans was inspired by the mythical figure of the fisherman from Numana, Altibano Bartolucci, nicknamed "Charles Bronson" because of his extraordinary resemblance to the famous actor. Altì, as his friends called him, was the classic sea wolf and an authentic free spirit who spent his life sailing the sea in all seasons, accompanied by the legendary "Aquila dei sette mari", his faithful boat.

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Numana, portale del turismo
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