The "chiesa di Cristo Re" (Church of Christ the King)

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The Sanctuary was built between 1561 and 1566 with a rectangular shape and inside the structure was arranged in the form of a Greek cross. In October 1566, the Holy Crucifix was transferred to the chapel adorned with precious marble of the new Sanctuary, with impressive celebrations. Over the years the Sanctuary became structurally unsound, and since any attempt to repair it would have been futile, the only way forward was to rebuild it, and so construction began in 1967. The new Sanctuary, as it is today, was inaugurated on 6 July 1969. The semicircular shape, the high bell tower and the white panels of the apse aim to bring light to the Crucifix. Every last Sunday in October, the Numanese community gathers for the traditional feast of Christ the King, the origins of which date back to ancient times when, at the end of the good season, the Numanese faithful thanked the Lord for the favourable fishing and prayed to the sacred image of the Crucifix so that the impending winter weather would not prevent them from continuing their seafaring activities.

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Numana, portale del turismo
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