Arco di Torre (Tower Arch)

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The Arco di Torre, symbol of Numana, is the only medieval ruin of this ancient town. The Roman stones "selected and ornamented, set into its walls" place its construction in Roman times. Its origin is therefore uncertain and it is believed to have been part of the bell tower of a church, the city walls or a watchtower used to prevent pirate attacks. In a manuscript kept in the parish and entitled 'Platea', i.e. inventory of the parish church, it is stated that the current street of the Tower was called Via San Giovanni and that the Tower '...served as the bell tower and, in the lower part, also as the sacristy of the same church', thus assuming that the current Tower is what remains of the ancient parish of San Giovanni. Today, the ruin has lost its tower appearance and looks like an ogival arch. In a dominant position on the promontory overlooking the marina, there is a fabulous view which you can enjoy from this panoramic terrace.

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Numana, portale del turismo
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