Sit back and wait: it will bite!

A moment of relaxation? Remaining to admire the roaring of the sea? Keen on fishing?

A different approach, becoming always more pupular, to live the sea and its lanscapes. leaving the port on  a small boat, to stop and fish under the careful supervision of a fisherman, and enjoy an aperitif on board.

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Recreational Fishing
If you want to engage in recreational fishing, you can do so from the shore or even from a stationary boat without needing a license or permit but abiding by these simple rules::
1. recreational fishing is allowed from 8pm to 6am;
2. you cannot fish inside the tourist harbour of Numana;
3. you cannot fish protected species;
4. you can fish everywhere except the areas in which it is specifically forbidden;
The regulatory reference is the bathing safety ordinance no. 21/2019 of the maritime compartment of Ancona.

Leaving at dawn on board a fishing boat together with the fishermen of the Conero, listening to their stories of life at sea and learning the secrets of the fishing tradition, allows the visitor to authentically get in touch with the marine environment, the knowledge of the sea and the flavors of fish cuisine.

Fishing boat Marco Luna
fisherman and fishing tourism license
Tel. 3490755597

Fishing boat Raissa Luna
Tel. 3490072961
Fishing from 4.00/5.00 am to 8.00 am, 4 places available. Tourists can watch the fishing operations at sunrise, with the possibility of spotting dolphins. Guests will receive complimentary fish to take home.

Fishing Boat La Giovane Giusy
Tel. 3923040230
From 5.00 am to 1 pm

Fishing boat Il Guerriero
Tel. 328 0328164
Morning: from 10.00 to 13.30/14.00- Afternoon: from 16.00 to 19.30/20.00

Francesco Ferrini
Tel. 3703106384
To get on the cozzara, it is necessary to ask the authorization to the Capitaneria di Porto within the day before the excursion, so that the tourists on board will be counted.

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Numana, portale del turismo
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