Beach Volley

Playing together, winning together

There is nothing more summer like than a beach volleyball court, a group of friends and wanting to have fun together! In Numana you will find many resorts that rent out their court, for a small tournament with friends or for a family game.

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In some of the bathing establishments south of Numana's harbour from Numana bassa to Marcelli

Stabilimento n. 5 Sirena - via Del Golfo, tel. 0719330623
Stabilimento n. 9 Corallo Summer Village - via Litoranea 1, tel. 0719330279
Stabilimento n. 12 Eugenio Beach - via Litoranea 5, tel. 0719331877
Stabilimento n. 15 Bellariva - via Litoranea 11, tel. 0717390001
Stabilimento n. 33 Balneare Marcelli - via Litoranea 202, tel. 0717390125
Stabilimento n. 37 Crystal - via Litoranea, tel. 3392024695
Stabilimento n. 38 La Capannina - via Litoranea, tel. 0717390842
Stabilimento n. 39 Sottovento Beach Club ex Dama Blu - via Litoranea 209/a, tel. 3282669472
Stabilimento n. 40 Centro Vacanze On the beach - via Litoranea 211, tel. 071739230
Stabilimento n. 41 Il Libeccio - via Litoranea 213, tel. 0717390201
Stabilimento n. 47 Numana Blu balneare - via Litoranea 227, tel. 3397889067

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Numana, portale del turismo
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