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The elegant Sirolo

At 1 km from Numana, Sirolo is the terrace on the sea. it is beautiful to wander among its alleys and discover the sea below.

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The exclusive bay of Portonovo

At 12 km from Numana going north towards Ancona. You'll be amazed by the sight from the terrace that overlooks the bay and Mezzavalle beach. Going downhill, about 5 minutes walking,  you will arrive at the foot of the Conero Mountain right on the beach. We advise you to take a walk among its paths, do some birdwatching, stroll along the beach and finally taste the typical dishes of the Conero in many charming little restaurants in front of the sea..

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Ancona the capital city of the Marche region

At 22 km from Numana. There are many reasons to visit Ancona, capital of the March region. For its history, its landscapes, for shopping, for its local gastronomic specialities. Choose the one for you! We are telling you this small fact that surely will arouse your curiosity. Ancona is the only city in Europe where thanks to an optical effect, due to the city's elbow position (from the Greek Ankon), both the sunrise and sunset can be seen from the sea.

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The Medieval  Offagna

At 18 km from Numana. It is the medieval village par excellence. Walking among its alleys, discovering the museum of antique weapons located in the medieval tower, enjoying an exceptional panorama. So many reasons which to add also the caracteristic medieval festivals takeing place from the second week of July..

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The underground cities of Osimo and Camerano

Osimo is located at 20 km from Numana - Camerano at 8 km from Numana. The two villages are completely different in history and location but connected by a profound mystery. The Caves, precisely, carved out by man over the centuries for different reasons. We tell you only this fact to then enrich your experience in these two exceptional villages. Go and discover!


Loreto - Marian City

At 15 km from Numana. One of the most popular pilgrimage destination in the world, Loreto preserves one of the most important relics of Christianity. In addition to the Holy House with the Black Virgin Mary, it is possible to visit the patrol paths over 500 years old and you will enjoy a 360 degree breathtaking panorama.

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Recanati and the poet Giacomo Leopardi

At 20 km from Numana. everyone knows it for the famous poet Giacomo Leopardi and now it is even more popular due to the movie "Il giovane favoloso" by Martone, filmed in 2014 in the ancient village. From the ancient palace with its 20 thousand books, to the square that inspired the poem Il sabato del villaggio, to Silvia's house up to the Colle dell'infinito, from the tower of the Passero Solitario to the Cathedral where the remains of Pope Gregory XII are preserved. Everything here reminds of the fabulous young boy. But Recanati is much more..

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Frasassi Caves

At 70 km from Numana. One of the world's most beautiful natural place? Seeing is believing. 1 hour and a half guided tour to be amazed and admire what nature is capable of. If then you are so bold there are two speleological paths to do with torch and helmet. If caving is not for you, the della gola and della rossa frasassi Natural Park offers hiking trails where to find unpolluted places among the sulfurous waters and places of worship such as the hermitage of San Vittore and the temple of the Valadier carved out from inside a rock.

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Ascoli Piceno - the Travertine City

At 70 km from Numana. Ascoli is a city of towers, churches, squares and palaces. The travertine stone used to build up this city, has the starring role of the landscape. This makes it extraordinarily harmonious and uniform, elegant and welcoming.

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La Rinascimentale Urbino

At 70 km from Numana. the Renaissance ideal city? it Certainly is, or at least from the paintings of Piero della Francesca, Leon Battista Alberti, Luciano Laurana, Francesco di Giorgio Martini it is evident how important Urbino has been for the Italian and World art. Wandering through the alleys, palaces and squares, we realize that the Duke of Montefeltro, as the mind behind the project has almost succeed his target. The historic center of Urbino, is indeed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you come to Numana, you cannot miss this international excellence..

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