"Due Sorelle" (Two Sisters Beach)


Named after the twin rocks that emerge from the sea, this is a white beach that can only be reached by sea. The transparent water, the looming mountain behind, the wild and uncontaminated environment make it one of the most sought-after destinations and the symbol of the Conero Riviera. The beach is surrounded by stratified rocks known as "i Libri" (the books) for their characteristic book page shape and, behind the stacks, there is the Davanzali quarry. Made up of pebbles and boulders smoothed by the sea and the wind, this suggestive beach derives its name from the quarry where Conero stone was extracted, active in this area until the 1950s, while it is still possible to see the remains of the train tracks, the jetty and the workers' shelters. In 1962, a cargo ship flying the Lebanese flag, the "Potho", sank offshore from the two rocks; today some of its remains are still visible at a depth of about ten metres.

Do you want to know why these two rocks are called Two Sisters? The legend, handed down from father to son, tells of heartrending screams coming from the sea: they were those of a siren who showed her splendid beauty to the sailors and enchanted them with her sweet song. The sailors, attracted by this voice, followed this seductive apparition and ended up chained at the bottom of the Grotta degli Schiavi (Slave Cave), located right in front of the "tip" of the Conero. The siren tortured them on stormy nights, helped by an evil spirit, a sea demon who was an accomplice in the evil deeds. One day, because of his wickedness, this terrifying creature was turned into stone and split into two, the Two Sisters, which convinced the siren to leave for other shores. The twin white rocks jutting out of the crystal-clear sea resemble two "praying sisters", hence the name.

Beach type: Stones and gravel, crystal clear sea. Suitable for everyone (please note: no shade). Perfect for snorkelling and for those who wish to dive into the splendid sea bed, suitable for those who love wild nature.

It can be reached by sea using the shuttle boat service from the Numana port and the Marcelli beaches, by excursions and private boats or, for the more sporty, by canoe.

How to get there

Traghettatori del Conero (Conero ferry operators)
Daily excursion to the "Due Sorelle" beach; Wednesdays from June to September panoramic excursion along the Conero beaches; Thursdays in July and August panoramic excursion along the Conero beaches with aperitif on board - info: 071/9331795www.traghettatoridelconero.it

Capitan Remo
from the Port of Numana excursion with lunch or dinner, all inclusive tour - Info and reservations 328 7878611www.giteinbarcaconero.it

Conero Experience
from the Port of Numana mini sailing boat cruises, morning and afternoon excursions to the Conero, swimming at the "Due Sorelle" with afternoon departure (€25), aperitif on board, special events and romantic dinners - Mirko Gigli 3469409773 www.giteinbarcanumanasirolo.it

Conero Explorer
Excursions, aperitif/dinner on the boat, bachelor/bachelorette parties, private parties, weekend boat trips and fishing trips departing from the tourist port of Numana, Ancona Marina Dorica or Portonovo - info: 071/2072021www.coneroexplorer.com

Conero fun boat
Excursions along the Conero Riviera, sunrise trips and parties and special events on request (max 6 people). Towing on an inapartmentable to choose between the "bananone" and the donut. For info and reservations 3280688276www.conerofunboat.it

Conero in barca
Organise fishing trips, boat trips and vintage sailing trips. Special events such as private dinners moored at the "Due Sorelle" or birthday parties upon request. Rental option available. Departure from Numana. Info and bookings: 339/8407736www.coneroinbarca.com

Conero Wave
Beach tours with various itineraries and special events on request; water games. Departures from Numana, Porto Recanati, Civitanova Marche, Porto Potenza Picena - info: 335/5697255www.conerowave.it

Hippocampus Boat
Excursions from the Port of Numana along the Conero Riviera with lunch or dinner on board. Diving excursions upon request in collaboration with the Monteconero Diving Centre. Info: 389 7654863 www.hipppocampusboat.com

La Giovane Giusy
Excursions and fishing trips. At the port of Numana, fishermen's pier - info: 347/1036873 www.lagiovanegiusy.it

La Torre Boat
Excursion of about 4 hours that starts from the small port of Numana and arrives in Portonovo, with a couple of stops for swimming and a meal on the boat - info and reservations: 389/7654863www.latorrenumana.it

Marco Luna
from the Port of Numana excursions along the Conero Riviera with the possibility of lunch and fishing trips at dawn - info: 3490755597

Me Piace Joy’s Boat
from the Port of Numana excursions, panoramic tours, breakfast/aperitif/dinner on the boat, bachelor/bachelorette parties, private parties Info and reservations: 351 5510555www.mepiacejoysboat.com

Restyling Numana
Excursions by boat or dinghy to the Two Sisters, Portonovo, Trave, Ancona. Coastal tours, sunrise at sea, aperitifs at sunset, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, team building, yoga, games. Departure from the south harbour area of Numana, via della Peschiera; info: Marco 329/4678595 www.coneroincanoaesup.it

Conero Boat
Rental with skipper of semi-cabin motorboat; rental without skipper or boat licence; special events on request. Departure from Ancona Marina Dorica - info: 328/2540741www.coneroboat.it

La Perla del Conero
Day trip on a sailing boat along the beaches of the Conero; departure from Ancona Marina Dorica; info: 339 79 41 340 www.laperladelconero.com

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